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Services in Future Energy Systems

The speaker:

Dr. Jörg Jasper (EnBW, Group Expert in Energy Management and Energy Policy)


Compared to their present role, services will become much more important in future energy systems, mainly for two reasons
  • There will be increased demand for energy related services. Demand side flexibility will be key to security of supply in a world characterized by large shares of intermittent generation. If the demand side is not sufficiently robust, supply security in traditional energy-only-markets in endangered. So additional demand side flexibility will have to be incentivized. Another reason for increased demand for energy services is convenience and customers’ increasing willingness to use smart energy solutions as prestigious goods. 
  • Improvements in infrastructure will allow for more intelligent services. In this contribution we will refer to both aspects. We will briefly explain the possible role of energy services as a means to improve demand elasticity in energy markets, give examples of existing and future energy related services and illustrate the role of smart energy infrastructure in this field.