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Semantic Service Descriptions



  • To identify and understand service descriptions written in natural language
  • To understand the concepts of the Linked USDL model to describe services
  • To apply Linked USDL to model service instances
  • To analyze the fundamental differences that structured services exhibit


  • conceptual modeling, basic notions of services.


The Linked Unified Service Description Language (Linked USDL or simply USDL -- http://www.linked-usdl.org/) was developed for describing business, software, or real world services using a machine-readable and machine-understandable specification to make services tradable on the Internet. Linked USDL takes the form of a normalized schema, which is an approach used in many fields to facilitate the exchange of data and the integration of information systems. USDL enables describing services in a comprehensive way by providing a "commercial envelope" covering business, operational, and technical aspects. This makes USDL one of the foundational technologies for setting up emerging infrastructures such as the Internet of Services, Web service ecosystems, and the Future Internet.